This month our focus is on Eye Health.

Do you suffer from sore, itchy, tired eyes? Or are your eyes often watery and scratchy?

If so, you could be suffering from dry eye -a condition caused by computer use, air conditioning, aging and or hormonal changes. It can also be caused by some medications.

The surface of the eye is covered in a thin layer of liquid called the tear film -it keeps the surface of the eye moist, however if it becomes depleted it may be unable to completely coat the eye which can result in dryness.

It is important to talk through your symptoms so that the staff can advise you on the appropriate treatment or refer you to your GP or optometrist for further investigation.

Here at Care Pharmacy we recommend the Systane family of products. There is a range of products designed to treat a range of symptoms. If you have never tried lubricating drops talk to Janine and she can give you a free sample to try.

Other products to aid eye health:

Systane Ultra
Fish oil eye health
Vision food

Posted on July 29, 2015 .