We offer a fast and reliable dispensary for all your prescriptions and free delivery within our local area.


Pharmacist-only medicines

We stock a full range of pharmacist-only medicines, such as Voltaren, Canisten, Hydrocortisone 1%.  You will need to consult with our pharmacist to assess if the medicines are suitable for your needs.


Emergency Contraceptive Pill

We are fully accredited to consult and provide, if appropriate, the emergency contraceptive pill (ECP).


Pharmacist-prescribed medicines

Come in and talk to our pharmacist if you think you might have conjunctivitis, thrush or a be suffering from a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI).  If appropriate the pharmacist can prescribe suitable treatments without needing to see a doctor for a prescription.


Private Consulting Room

We have a private consulting room for any issues you would prefer to discuss privately and confidentially.


Passport photos

We can take your passport photos and supply you with either the photos to take with you (please allow five minutes for printing) or we can email you the photos for online passport applications if you prefer.  We have the very latest software that can verify whether photos for online passport applications will be accepted by the passport office or not (and if the software rejects the photo, we'll take the photo again, at no additional cost.  Please note: this only applies to photos you have asked us to email, not to hard copy photos).